Stealth® for Apparel Market

The Apparel market includes all clothing segments that are produced for private end customers and it is made up of the following product lines: Women’s Apparel, Men’s Apparel and Children’s Apparel. For each of them, the market is segmented into formal wear, casual wear, sportswear, nightwear, and other types. Small, medium-sized and big fashion brands around the world operate at a national or regional level. The distribution channels involved in the lifecycle process of apparel items can be distinguished between suppliers of multi-label products (such as department stores), textile chains, mail-order business (such as e-commerce) and single-label stores.


Peculiarities of the Apparel Market

  • Product specificity: variants, combination of styles and fabrics, etc;
  • Variable consumption by size, fabric roll height, cutting category;
  • Coloring rules;
  • Fabric Lots Management;
  • Blind Material Purchase;
  • Difference in packaging.

The Apparel Market needs

One of the main issues the Apparel Industry must face is the fast-changing preferences of the consumers. For this reason, Apparel companies must invest on innovation and technology in order to be supported in the development of new designs and in the management of typical long supply chains.

The solutions provided by Stealth®

Stealth® The Fashion Platform, Stealth GO! and Zedonk provide functionalities and modules which can support small, medium-sized and global brands in shortening the product lifecycle and in maintaining full control over the various steps of the creation process of each item, from designing to manufacturing to distribution, including the possibility to manage lots, serial numbers, batches and fabrics.

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