Stealth® for Hard Luxury Market

The global <strong>Hard Luxury Goods</strong> market is a growing reality in the Luxury Goods sector and it is expected to grow 10% by 2024. This market segment includes sophisticated timeless products such as jewelry and watches. Even though hard luxury goods are not vital for human needs, they outline a social status and enhance self-worth of individuals. The percentage of men and women demanding hard luxury goods is practically equal.


Hard Luxury Market needs

Global Hard Luxury brands are distributed via online stores, department stores, or specialty stores. This market segment, however, is continuously in front of limits due to limited product availability, ever-changing product prices, inefficient distribution channels and more and more exigent consumers which demand faster Returns processes.

Stealth® solutions for the Hard Luxury Market

Stealth® The Fashion Platform, Stealth GO! and Zedonk can support hard luxury brands providing vertical functionalities supporting them in the management of the Replenishment processes as well as Production Return.

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