Stealth® Visual Production Planning

S-VIPP: optimize each step of your production process

We created S-VIPP (Stealth Visual Production Planner) to help Fashion production firms to manage and harmonize external requests, such as demand, with internal needs and constraints, such as economic, human and technological resources. S-VIPP aims to give Fashion production brands a tool to get the highest potential from their production system, helping them to go beyond their achievement objectives. S-VIPP combines and integrates with Stealth® features in a simple, intuitive and modular way.


S-VIPP: Main functionalities

  • Shop Floor Control: it helps you to monitor resources allocation and production steps, both for operations carried on internally and for operations carried on externally by your third parties.
  • Capacity Planner: this functionality supports you in managing activities’ planning and sequencing. It includes graphic representation of production constraints and production overlaps.  
  • MPS: it helps you in the creation of work plans, with a specific functionality designed to help you manage production demand leveling over medium-long time horizons. 
  • Control Board: thorough allocation of work orders (daily/shifts) with visual representation of manufacturing plans and related process indicators. It includes a functionality to share information with the different departments involved in the production process.
  • Visual Stock on Hand: it allows you recall raw materials and semi-finished products based on actual consumption (E-Kanban).

S-VIPP: Key benefits

  • Total and native integration with Stealth® 
  • Detailed view on production order data, both aggregated and detailed
  • User profiling 
  • Direct editing on some of the production orders information
  • Selective changes synchronization with Stealth®
  • Visual alerts that can be configured on KPI or functions monitoring activities
  • Graphics supports: Gantt, saturation and load charts, load charts

S-VIPP Data Acquisition


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