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Mandatory Digital Code Marking

How Stealth® The Fashion Platform allows you to go through it


Stealth® The Fashion Platform introduces the Data Matrix Solution


The problem of illegal products circulation in Russia has led the Russian Government to invest on the creation of a unified national Track & Trace Digital System also known as Chestny ZNAK. The project launched in 2017 has benefited from the contribution of the Centre for Research in Perspective Technologies (CRPT). The system helps combating counterfeiting and contraband and it requires a mandatory ID Code, the so-called Data Matrix, to be assigned to purchased products in order to verify their authenticity.

How does the Track and Trace Digital System work?


All the manufacturing companies seeking to export their products to Russia are obliged to get in touch with the importers of reference and demand them the mandatory label to be affixed on their products before the shipping.
The tracking must be guaranteed not only as regards single items, but especially along the entire Supply Chain: starting from the producer, the traceability information is transferred to the importer, the distributor and then the store

The producer therefore becomes the leading player of the information-sharing process, as he is the person responsible for communicating to the importer the demanded data for the GTIN Code (Global Trade Item Number) request.
The producers must always bear in mind that the information-sharing can only occur between a Russian Legal Entity and a competent State Institution, the Centre for Research in Perspective Technologies (CRPT). 


How does Stealth® The Fashion Platform support you in this process?


To shape efficient business strategies it is extremely important to stay up-to-date on the Market regulatory and legislative developments. This is the reason why Dedagroup Stealth has set up a new integration in the system of Stealth® The Fashion Platform introducing the Marking Code functionality.

The above-mentioned process is widely optimized thanks to this integration, as Stealth® The Fashion Platform collects the Data Matrix requests from its Customers and massively forwards them to the competent State Institution, the Centre for Research in Perspective Technologies (CRPT), through a licensed Mediator. Once the demanded Data Matrix are received, the Customers can directly download them from the dedicated Marking Code application within Stealth® The Fashion Platform in the form of QR-Code or printable label.


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