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Stealth Localization

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For several years Deda Stealth has undertaken a long journey towards internationalization. This journey is still ongoing thanks to the implementation of projects carried out all around the world. 
The globalization of the leader-in-the-sector ERP dedicated to the Fashion processes counts different steps:

  • Internationalization: explaining what is Stealth® and what it does;
  • Translation: telling this story in X languages;
  • Localization: adapting the product to the cultural aspects of the target country, which means reinterpreting the structure of data entered within Stealth®.

Stealth Localization Strategy

The Stealth localization strategy is global and it aims at achieving the following goals:

  • Develop a global strong network which can respond to the legal, civil and fiscal requirements of every country;
  • Evaluate carefully the main “Finance best practices”;
  • Guarantee flexibility and extensibility when in front of local contexts;
  • Monitor every update in norms, fiscal and civil arrangements at a global level;
  • Adapt to local software interface for the release of certifications from the local authorities.

A deep knowledge of the target country and a close cooperation with the Finance department is fundamental to the success of this strategy.

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