Stealth® OMS: Order Management System

The vertical module Stealth® OMS completes the Stealth® Orchestrator solution, enabling omnichannel strategies by centralizing orders deriving from physical and digital channels in a single platform, providing fashion companies with a versatile and flexible tool for managing and enhancing the Customer/Employee Experience.


Omnichannel strategies: building new business opportunities

The technology must allow the fulfillment of orders deriving from different points, warehouses or stores, regardless of the sales channel (online, offline), while guaranteeing homogeneous data though deriving from different systems, so that it is easy to check and analyze them. The same must then allow control because it is necessary to be proactive and have the useful tools to be able to react promptly to customer requests. Orders coming from different channels insist on different infrastructures but must be controlled easily. We respond to this need with Stealth® Orchestrator and Stealth® OMS which allow us to manage some omnichannel situations such as:

  • Click & Collect: control over deliveries and reduction of shipping costs;
  • Book online, buy in-store: in tune with the behavior of new consumers; 
  • In-store returns after online purchase: improve the customer shopping experience.

Manage omnichannel processes with the Stealth® Platform vertical modules

Stealth® Orchestrator and Stealth® OMS are embedded in a strong and solid structure of our ERP that provides the basic elements to enable the activation of omnichannel processes. The Core module of Stealth® Platform makes the actual product available, from production to distribution, warehouses, stores, and costing processes. The Retail module provides the store with stock quantities available, price lists and all the operations necessary to fulfill the order.


A unique system to embrace both online and offline channels

Stealth® Orchestrator allows you to define in a capillary way the omnichannel flows, the life cycle of the order, the product Lista for the marketplaces, and facilitates logistics, warehouse, and store operations. Stealth® OMS, on the other hand, completes the scenario of omnichannel management, order progress control, marketplace actions, integration with external payment systems and carriers, and the possibility to modify an order or demand a return following a customer request.


The Stealth® OMS main functionalities

A strong and extended integration

The order and warehouse fulfillment processes are fluid and effective thanks to the native integrations of Stealth® and thanks to its architecture, with the warehouse and store stock not redundant and transiting from the ERP itself. 

The other integrations, such as payments, e-commerce, etc., are the responsibility of Stealth® OMS which was born natively integrated with Salesforce and Paypal.

What's next in our Roadmap

The processes Involving the presence of customers in the store must be carried out at the POS level to allow a fluid and easy experience for both the sales assistant and the end customer. In particular, with Retail Pro Prism, in addition to allowing access to orders to track their closure and association with sales transactions, in the absence of items in the store, a plug-in is created for loading the order.



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