Stealth® VMC

The integration layer between the ERP and Retail subsystems


S-VMC is the integration layer working between ERP and the most common POS Retail subsystems. The concept is to carry out processes and operations that an ERP system does not perform on its own. It guarantees a constant and reliable dialogue between Stealth® The Fashion Platform and several other interfaces, also from Third Parties.

Stealth VMC


The three phases of the VMC process:

  • Extract data (loader from external sources): the VMC extraction step is responsible for extracting data from the source system. Each data source has a distinct set of features that need to be managed in order to effectively extract data from the VMC process. Extract data are loaded in the Staging Area, a physical container where all temporary tables created during the extraction process are located.
  • Transform data: extracted data can be transformed into multiple formats while coming from the same source. The transforming step tends to make some cleaning and conforming on the incoming data to gain accurateness, completeness, consistency and avoid misunderstandings. This process includes data cleaning and transformation. Integration queries will be used to represent the mapping between the source and the target data, allowing VMC to play an expanded role as a data transformation engine.
  • Distribute data: transformed data can be distributed to different targets through different channels. The distribution step is used to set the destinations according to your requirements. VMC will automatically generate accurate data that will be transferred to the target schema in the required format.

S-VMC Monitoring

It is possible to implement an additional Dashboard, that is a visual display of the most important information needed to achieve the objectives. The displayed information are consolidated and arranged on a single screen so the information can be monitored at a glance.

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