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Service Level Agreement


AMS: Ticket Categories

  • INCIDENT: It’s an unplanned interruption to an IT Service or a reduction in the quality of an IT service;
  • INFORMATION: It’s a request for support from users for specific operations;
  • CHANGE: Any installation, modification or removal of anything that has an impact on IT services.

AMS: Severity of Request


Any requests upon opening will be associated with a code that represents the urgency level for resolution as follows:

  • P1 (CRITICAL): An issue that prevents the use of the system and stops the business from trading (CORE Environment);
  • P2 (HIGH): Potentially significant impact to business trading;
  • P3 (MODERATE): a non blocking impact on Partner’s environment;
  • P4 (MINOR): Limited impact to the ability to trade;
  • P5 (LOW): No effect on ability to trade.

AMS Methodology

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