Stealth® Log Analyzer

Monitoring the Stealth® processes

S-Log Analyzer

Stealth® Log Analyzer is a vertical module of Stealth® The Fashion Platform through which it is possible to monitor some of Stealth® processes, whether it is import / export processes or batch application elaborations, with the possibility of configuring an automatic notification system for any errors.

Stealth Log Analyzer


The main feature of Stealth® Log Analyzer

Dashboard and the Process status functions


In the Dashboard it is possible to monitor the status of the configured processes:

  • not active
  • overtime
  • running
  • with errors
  • completed correctly

Besides, in through the Process Status function you can access the following options:

  • Process Status and Colours
  • Processes to Monitor in the Dashboard: for each monitored process, it is possible to define whether it must be visible in the dashboard, the maximum execution time, which alerts must be notified and the notification messages
  • Notifications Configuration: it is possible to add customized notifications for each process, conditioning the messages to the data structures (for example if the payment type is not passed in the transmission of an EDI order, notify the administration)
  • Logs Configuration: for each process it is possible to define how long the logs that condition the status of the processes in the dashboard must be kept

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