Stealth® Mobile App Retail

The suite of mobile solutions to manage the point of sale

Stealth Mobile App Retail

Retail is a demanding sector and to better meet its needs we have created a dedicated App suite aimed at simplifying the management of store operations typical of all kinds of POS. The so-called S-Apps are mainly based on the hybrid model for mobile apps development leveraging industry technologies and integrating native libraries when needed, as the case for native bar scanning software and printer integration.


Stealth® Mobile App Retail Suite


S-Stock Finder (Stock Enquiry)

The solution allows the users to query the quantity in stock, investigating the items by description or barcode. At any moment the user can explore the items' stock detail according to color, size, location, and so on.

S-Stock Movement

This solution allows the users to take control of Warehouse transactions, ensuring the possibility to edit/adjust performed transactions and to manage internal/external transactions adding different Reason Code for each arrangement.

Stealth Receive

S-Receive (Stock Receipt)

This app allows the users to take full control of incoming ASN, to view the document details, and to easily detect the items and their status via QR code scanning.


With this mobile App, users can easily manage the orders workflow regardless of the sales channel: orders deriving from eCommerce or Marketplace can be fulfilled in-store and shipped from the point of sale.


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