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Redefine Retail Efficiency: the technology for ultimate Point-of-Sale Management

Elevate your Fashion Store Management with the Stealth Retail Mobile Apps

The Stealth® in Your Pocket project was launched to support retailers in efficiently monitoring and managing all store operations.
BR> The Stealth Mobile Retail App, a key component of this initiative, ensures effective control over business activities, enhancing overall brand productivity and performance.

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Effective point-of-sale management is the key of any successful fashion retail business

Optimize every aspect of your store operations to boost efficiency, streamline workflows, and elevate the customer experience.

With the Stealth Retail Mobile Apps you can increase your POS management, ensure accurate inventory tracking, insightful sales analytics, and seamless customer interactions, to drive business performance and profitability to new successful results.


Stealth® Mobile App Retail Suite



Streamline Your Store's Incoming items with Precision Monitoring

Our solution makes it easy for you to inspect and monitor incoming items at your store, whether they arrive from the central warehouse or other locations.

Providing detailed control over Advanced Shipping Notices (ASN) helps you minimize discrepancies and ensure everything runs smoothly.

Key Benefits:

Reduction of Returns
Prevention of Stockouts
Operational Efficiency
Enhanced Customer Satisfaction
Accurate Planning and Analysis


Effortless Inventory creation and control

Our solution makes generating fiscal inventories easy and monitoring item stocks with minimal effort.

Plus, the mobile application is specifically designed for Supply Chain operations , making it a powerful tool for conducting Warehouse Inventories.

Key Benefits:

Improved Inventory Management
Financial Accuracy and Compliance
Minimization of Shrinkages
Faster Orders Fullfilment
Supply Chain Optimization
Reduction of excess stocks and costs

S-Stock Finder

Streamlining Stock Queries for Seamless Shopping Experiences

Query the number of items in stock easily and enhance the customer experience by providing detailed and accurate information about product availability.

The application allows users to manage item relocations optimizes inventory management and ensures updated information about the products.

Key Benefits:

Stock Optimization
Improved Customer Service:
Operational Efficiency
Streamlined Processes Reduction of errors and overstocks
Customized Services

S-Stock Movements

Effortless Store Logistics

The solution allows you to seamlessly transfer items inside and outside stores, facilitating processes like seasonal returns, shipping to the central Warehouse, transferring to another store, or relocating flawed products to a designated store area.

Key Benefits:

Enhanced Inventory Management:
Reduction of handling times and bottlenecks
Shorter Lead times
Cost Savings:
Optimized delivery schedules
Improved product availability
Faster order fulfillment and delivery


Connect your channels: simplifying Omnichannel Sales Strategies

With our solution, you can effortlessly implement omnichannel sales strategies and processes in your store:

Click and Collect: Buy online, pick up in-store, hassle-free. Ship from Store: Shop online, and we'll ship it directly from the nearest store to your doorstep. Return in Store: Bought online? No problem! Simply return it at our physical store.

Key Benefits: Enhanced Customer Experience
Seamless Shopping Journey
Consistent Engagement through all channels
Cohesive shopping experience
< Integrated Order Management
Reduction of redundancy
Unified Customer Services


Optimizing Retail Operations with the Stealth Retail Mobile Apps: best-practices and strategies for efficiency

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