Stealth® for Fashion Retail

Once Fashion products have been manufactured and finalized, they are ready to get to the final consumers. There are essentially two main ways to sell products: Wholesale and Retail. On the contrary to the wholesalers, the retailers sell products directly to their customers for a profit. They can be the product manufacturers or they may buy items from distributors or wholesalers.


Stealth® Retail solution


For 8 years now, Stealth® The Fashion Platform has been implemented with the introduction of Stealth® Retail, the solution entirely dedicated to the Fashion Retail Management.

Thanks to Stealth® Retail, the store Backoffice management is simplified, with immediate access to online data which guarantees full control over warehouse movements and stock quantities and a full integration with the most popular POS systems.

It enables the planning and implementation of omnichannel strategies through the barriers-free integration between manufacturing and Retail: from Factory to each sales point, sales receipt, customer profiling.
This solution allows the transformation of Multichannel to purchase into an Omnichannel development strategy. 


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