Stealth® Orchestrator

The Omnichannel solution to drive change

S-Orchestrator provides a seamless channel integration to design Omnichannel Strategies

S-Orchestrator combines data collected from the online and the offline shopping experience and its seamless switch between each of them, thus enabling: Intelligent sales integration, Capillary mapping of Omnichannel flows, Access to the global inventory and publication of the availabilities according to the assortment rules. Integration with Stealth® OMS Assignment of availability according to the assortment rules Evasion of the intercompany shipment The management of returns with minimal impact


Deda Stealth’s industry know-how: three needs we know how to solve

1. Brands need to evolve towards the virtual stock
It allows Fashion brands to: - combine physical and digital display - use the store as part of the inventory network - increases assortment’s availability - decreases product immobilization for a specific channel This approach makes it possible to organize the point of sale with a small shipping center, to minimize deliveries that must cross customs, to avoid the need to have a tax representative and complex triangulation.

2. The need for a "Click & Collect" strategy
By improving the product allocation logic, transport and delivery are optimized. That’s why by adopting a «Click & Collect» strategy, Fashion brands get to have customers visit the physical point of sales and to then manage requests through a horizontal integration of extended supply chains that optimizes costs and management.

3. The need for Webrooming for effective management
The best way to recover the loss of a return is to do it in a clear and simple way for the customer. At the same time, it is necessary to take preventive action through clear and well-defined images, an accurate description of each product and by promoting the collection in store: Webrooming. Making the Webrooming process more efficient means to reduce costs.


Stealth® Omnichannel architecture streamlines digital orders’ management because:

  • It engages the product in the store or in the warehouse according to the orchestrator logic
  • It enables Shop-to-Shop processes through the transfer request
  • It enables shipping processes from the warehouse
  • It enables shipping from the store
  • It enables notifications via WEB Service

Stealth® Orchestrator is the Stealth® Platform’s Omnichannel vertical solution

Stealth®Orchestrator helps Fashion brands to design and roll out an Omnichannelarchitecture that guarantees the automated management of consumer data,activates marketing automation initiatives, has a unique and integrated ordermanagement system that allows having a unique view of items’ assortment andavailability to be displayed to all sales channels.


The next Retail experience Online sales have exceeded 10% of total turnover. It seems that for the next few years a further and stronger growth is expected, with sudden development of marketplaces reducing the boundary between physical stores and virtual stores.

Stealth Orchestrator allows Fashion brands to collect and direct data flows coming from both flagship eCommerce and marketplaces.   
By leveraging on Stealth’s global inventory – and its capability to filter assortment data – Stealth Orchestrator offers a deep view across multiple channels, helping Fashion and Retail companies to align orders’ collection and processing with items’ availability.

Thanks to our thirty years of experience in accompanying Fashion and Retail brands to face business and technology changes, we have been able to collect the main market demands and to promptly respond by offering specific features that solve specific needs.


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