Stealth® for Footwear Market

The Footwear sector is a diverse industry covering a wide variety of materials and products from different types of men's, women's, and children's footwear, to more specialized products such us work shoes and protective shoes. The global footwear market is segmented into type (athletic/non-athletic), material (leather, non-leather, recycled row materials), end user (men, women, children), distribution channel (specialty stores, brand outlets, online sales channels, etc.).


Peculiarities of the Footwear Market

  • Product details: fit, heel height, half sizes, etc;
  • Default quantities per size;
  • Very detailed multi-level BOMs;
  • Parallel operation cycles: Upper, Sole, Heel;
  • Leather Consumption;
  • Certificate Management: CITES, Footwear Declaration, Washington.

The Footwear Market needs

The non–athletic footwear market segment is dominated by the presence of a wide range of footwear encompassing sandals, heels, and wedges, complemented by increasing demand for trendy, comfortable and fancy styles. The dynamic of each footwear category may differ since men’s and women’s needs are not equal. For this reason, shoe manufacturers and retailers should always put an eye on the market dynamics avoiding the impact of wrong production decisions.

Stealth® solution for the Footwear Market

Stealth® The Fashion Platform, Stealth GO! and Zedonk help the users in keeping under control the stock quantities and the inventory levels, enhancing the sales growth and adapting to the trends. Moreover, specific functionalities can support the users in the quality check, facilitating the repair of Work Order and in the management of parallel operation cycles.

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