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"Stealth® in your pocket" with the Stealth® Mobile App

Stealth® App Gallery is a fully integrated mobile app marketplace that enhances and extends the functionality of Stealth® The Fashion Platform. Thanks to the architecture of the Stealth® microservices integration service, we are able to welcome the Digital Transformation, enabling communication between services on heterogeneous and highly specialized systems. Its introduction allows the release of a series of Mobile Apps that interrogate the platform directly and automatically, improving the Stealth® functionality.

The Project

"Stealth® in your pocket" is a project concerning the release of progressive Mobile Apps dedicated to the Retail sector. Specifically, these are hybrid Mobile Apps, they can be categorized as Web Progressive App, both iOS Native or Android Native, and other types of devices that, through a layer of API Management, communicate easily with the Stealth® API and, therefore, with the Stealth® solutions. Thanks to the Gateway API, they also dialogue with the Mobile Configuration, Notification, and Back End functions.

Progressive Web Apps

The Stealth® Apps are also PWAs, so they can be used in browser mode (including mobile, Safari, Google, etc.), therefore also from desktop and they can respond to the typical characteristics of any Progressive App, as they are Responsive, they can partially work in off-line mode, they can be placed on the screen of your mobile device, and they can be installed from the typical App Stores on the market, thus making their use faster.

The advantages of Stealth® micro UI

SLiM - Store Lifecycle Management

Manage the entire lifecycle of your stores, from the opening to the rollout and share the store information through a collaboration tool within a unique digital hub.

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