Stealth® Labs and factories

The integrated management of external production units

The optimization of processes in support of the extended Supply Chain


Stealth® Labs is the extended supply chain management tool integrated with Stealth® that allows fashion companies to collect and integrate production data from internal and external garment manufacturers.


Stealth® Labs ensures real time production monitoring from sales order entry to shipping process through the management of main apparel production processes:

  • Warehouse management, stocks, pick lists management and orders fulfillment, consumption monitoring   
  • Cutting machinability and garment's assembling feasibility   
  • Production progress control   
  • Shipping and invoicing

Simplify data integration from internal and external garment manufacturers

Stealth® Labs&Factories helps fashion and retail companies to automatically collect data from internal and especially external production labs. This way, information about items records, raw materials, accessories, finished products, bills and processing cycles are constantly integrated into central IT systems, ensuring a unique point of view on supply chain processes coming from multiple apparel contractors.


Benefits for apparel manufacturers: seamless integration from ERP production orders


With Stealth® Labs Apparel manufacturers directly receive orders information – such as quantities and date of delivery request – from central ERP systems to their IT systems. Each order shows the quantities and the date of delivery request, avoiding the need to insert or manage a customer order. Once the garment manufacturer receives production orders, it’s able to create sub-contracts that allow to manage smaller quantities.

  • Production progress
  • Expected delivery date (ATP)
  • Actual consumption of cutting materials (with indication of the used bath)

Stealth Labs SaaS

Stealth® Labs is available on-premise or in cloud. Main benefits of SaaS are:

  • Access, confidentiality and data protection 
  • System upgrade (infrastructure, licenses, backup) and applications (extensions, improvements, new software releases)
  • Technical support 
  • Fast implementation and controlled costs

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