Stealth® Order

Manage Sales Order Collection
from Showrooms and Sales Network


Designed to support agents and final customers in collecting and monitoring real-time Sales Orders via mobile/desktop, the solution grants a unique view of Customers' details and availability of stock for a more efficient control on Replenishment Orders. With direct access to the lists of SKUs organized by collections, look, style and product category, this mobile solution allows the users to create wish lists or pre-orders browsing a virtual catalogue. Thanks to its Budget functionality, the users can compare at any moment the Customer’s ordered quantity vs budget.

Stealth Order


Stealth® Order: one solution for many user experiences

Sales Team

Typically works on the go, collects orders from retailers and customers. He needs a virtual catalogue which allows to show products to customers and inserts orders or creates wishlists. He needs access to his own customer’s orders list. An easy to use and real time software is the perfect instrument for his job, along with the possibility to access his own budget and sales statistics.

Customer Services

Works in an office and offers commercial support to customers. Order entry needs to be easy and quick, allowing to control in real time orders entered also by the customers or the sales team.

B2B Customers needs

You will be able to order all products with their specific sales terms, insert campaign, replenishment orders or returns. The interface is easy-to-use, with an intuitive user experience and it can be run in mobile mode (tablets, etc.).


Sales representatives insert order directly from the showroom. They can authorize orders real time and check customer’s budget.


They insert order for their own companies and/or for their customers. They need to access live stocks availabilities and a virtual catalogue with all product details.

Stealth® Order key benefits

  • It can be parameterized for multiple different profiles, such as client, customer service, agent etc.
  • It features a completely configurable layout
  • It includes two different modes, one for showroom management and one for reassortment management
  • It includes the possibility to get reports by its integrated query tool
  • It’s integrated with MS Excel
  • It manages news and communications, including their attachments
  • It offers a deep view on the accounting situation of clients, including invoices and payments
  • Its architecture is natively integrated with Stealth®

S-Order Virtual Catalogue

Collection, Categories and Looks help to organize each item. The Q&L tool helps you collect items behind Collection and Categories. Validate idependently brands, seasons, sales type and dates in a single solution.

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