Stealth® Dynamic Pricing

Automate the pricing process
in the Fashion Industry

S-Dynamic Pricing Module

You will be able to perform a series of realistic simulations that will support you in the enhancement of office automation tools. Thanks to its innovative technology, Stealth® Dynamic Pricing will help you to set up calculation models keeping into account the effects on business. Starting from functionalities such as price lists hierarchies, mark-up rules and rounding rules, the solution will support the users in the drafting of Sales Price Lists, keeping into consideration factors such as offer, season and competitors’ prices.

Stealth Dynamic Pricing

Stealth® Dynamic Pricing

The module extends the functionality of the standard Stealth price lists to very complex commercial logic, automating many of the pricing activities. It allows you to define several highly articulated calculation models and to evaluate their impact through simulations which can then be confirmed effectively. It is also possible to import a basic price list from Excel and define through workflow which automatisms to apply to obtain the derived price lists and release them.


Stealth® Dynamic Pricing key benefits

  • multi-company (manage all price lists from HQ)
  • calculation sheet management with complex calculation rules
  • direct import from Excel with automation of post-import actions through workflow
  • definition of hierarchies of price lists for automatic generation of derivatives prices starting from basic ones 
  • rounding rules by price point or by price range
  • currencies exchange rates differentiated by calculation sheet with the possibility of triangulating the exchange rate on the corporate currency
  • variation log with reverse
  • advanced user profiling

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