Stealth® for Leather Goods Market

The Leather Industry covers several products and many industrial processes. The tanning involves the treatment of raw materials, the conversion of them into leather and the finishing, so that they can be used in the manufacturing of a wide range of products such as shoes (casual shoes, military shoes, formal shoes, sports shoes, others), garments, furniture, automotive, bags (Handbags, Coin purses, others), accessories, luggage (trunks, suitcases, others) etc.


Peculiarities of the Leather Goods Market

  • Product details: fit, heel height, half sizes, etc;
  • Default quantities per size;
  • Very detailed multi-level BOMs;
  • Parallel operation cycles: Upper, Sole, Heel;
  • Leather Consumption;
  • Certificate Management: CITES, Footwear Declaration, Washington.

The Leather Goods Market needs

As each product category has its own typicality and uniqueness, the Leather Market has been estimated to be the biggest material segment of all Markets. Genuine leather, textile & tropical fibers, rubber & plastic, synthetic, bio-based raw materials are some of the various elements which can be involved in leather goods manufacturing.

Stealth® solution for the Leather Goods Market

Stealth® The Fashion Platform, Stealth GO! and Zedonk provide specific functionalities and modules which can support companies in the definition of BOMs for each item and in the monitoring of the product transformation process. Moreover, thanks to the MRP functionality, the users can plan Manufacturing/Purchase orders on the basis of available stock quantities, production lead time and the market demand. At the same time, the MPS functionality facilitates the manufacturers in the definition of the production plan as it provides information on the “End Product” quantities to produced divided by time period.

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