Stealth Live

What's Stealth Live?

Stealth Live is a series of events specifically designed to provide a 360-degree exploration of the most relevant topics to the fashion industry. The events offer a unique opportunity to delve into various aspects of the sector in detail, from the latest innovations to future trends. Through a combination of webinars, interviews, and podcasts, the Stealth Live initiative aims to provide industry professionals with a stimulating space to share knowledge, ideas, and best practices, thereby shaping the future of fashion.


Stealth Day

The annual event dedicated to the Stealth Community and more generally to companies in the fashion and luxury sector interested in exploring themes of technological innovation applied to fashion market processes.


Guests from the Fashion & Luxury sector, qualified partners, and professionals from Deda Stealth will enrich the event with insights on the impact of digitization on Fashion Supply Chain management and the importance of integrating technological transformation strategies into the fashion enterprise.

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