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The agile methodology is a software development approach based on continuously delivering fast, iterative, efficient software solutions. The methods rely on flexible processes and teamwork, which provide the following:

Faster Delivery of Value: Agile promotes delivering working software in short iterations, allowing customers to benefit sooner.
Flexibility: Agile's adaptive nature enables teams to respond to changing requirements, reducing the risk of delivering irrelevant products.
Continuous Improvement: Regular feedback and retrospectives help teams identify areas for improvement, enhancing both the product and the development process.
Enhanced Collaboration: Agile methodologies encourage close collaboration between cross-functional team members, stakeholders, and customers.
Customer Satisfaction: Involving customers in the development process ensures their needs are met, leading to higher customer satisfaction.


Key aspects of the Agile approach in software development

  • Individuals and interactions instead of processes and tools
  • Efficient software instead of comprehensive documentation
  • Collaboration with the customer instead of contract negotiation
  • Dealing with change instead of executing a plan

We design and implement our Stealth® solutions using innovative approaches and technologies.


We create synergies with all the team members combining multiple skills and knowledge to give the best possible solution to our customers


We follow a careful process of testing and quality assurance to develop high-quality applications in line with functional requirements


Deda Stealth & Thoughtworks: harnessing the power of platform thinking.

With the aim to revolutionize our technology solutions and turn them into modern cutting-edge products, Deda Stealth partnered with Thoughtworks, a leading global technology consultancy that integrates strategy, design, and software engineering to enable digital transformation.

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