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UX/UI Design

The User Experience is related to all the elements that enable the interaction of the users with a specific product: appearance, use, colors, sounds, touch, emotions, and more. A good user experience goes beyond a single product and participates in the enhancement of a brand's identity. 

For this reason, User Experience Design is a process that involves many personalities and skills in addition to designers: a UX team is, in fact, composed of graphic designers, analysts, marketers, developers, project managers, and product managers. To design objects and software from a UX perspective, Design Thinking is the main methodology employed: it aims at solving complex problems through a lateral and creative approach. Design Thinking uses also visual tools, such as the famous Canva, to encourage the creative development of ideas, ensuring their realization.

  • UX design (User Experience Design): it involves the design of the user experience with a specific goal: making the product as usable as possible. UX Design takes care of every aspect of interaction: from usability, to way of finding information, to navigation; 
  • UI design (User Interface Design): it involves the design of the user interface, with a specific aim: the esthetics of the page must reflect the visual communication of the brand


UX/UI Design in Deda Stealth:

  • We design user-friendly interfaces and easy-to-use systems for our customers
  • We help our customers conceive new solutions and improve existing ones, taking into account the overall product experience and collaborating with our domain experts
  • We monitor the use of the digital product, evolving it to adapt to new scenarios and opportunities or to put it in line with the objectives set


The impact of UI on the User Experience


The UI design determines how elements within a page should stand out visually to convey the right message sequence to the user. In this case, the choice of colours is fundamental, as is the typographical study for the structure of texts and the integration of images. As a result, the UI design determines the first impact of the brand on users, combining web design skills and visual storytelling. In fact, the way a company communicates its history, its values and its products passes through the feeling that users mature by browsing the website.

The main components of a user experience design are 5:

• Information Architecture: we make sure that all the information and/or functionality of the app can be found in the app, and reachable in a few clicks or gestures;

• Interaction Design: we take care of how the user will use the app, and how to guide them

• Usability: it's the capability of the app to be user-friendly. The app must be easy to navigate and the information must be easy to interpret;

• Realization of a wireframe: with wireframing, you test all the features of the app (navigation, functionality, number of clicks, waiting and response times) and also the look & feel;

• Design of the look & feel: it is the element that conveys the brand/business style.


Technologies in use:


Deda Stealth & Thoughtworks: harnessing the power of platform thinking

With the aim to revolutionize our technology solutions and turn them into modern cutting-edge products, Deda Stealth partnered with Thoughtworks, a leading global technology consultancy that integrates strategy, design, and software engineering to enable digital transformation.

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