Cloud Engineering & Infrastructure Management

The Cloud is the leading technology that enables Digital Transformation and allows the creation of digital ecosystems where this transformation can take place. 

Compared to on-premises environments, migrating to the cloud offers many advantages, such as increased scalability and cost efficiency. To take full advantage of the benefits of cloud technology, it is vital that specific workloads, users, and operating costs are taken into account when designing the Cloud architecture.


Cloud Computing & Cloud Engineering


Cloud Engineering is the application of engineering disciplines to cloud computing and it concerns the designing of systems needed to exploit the potential of cloud resources to solve business problems. All technologies (hardware, software resources, and virtual resources) and components required for Cloud Computing are connected to each other thanks to the Cloud Architecture, which allows pooling, sharing, and scalability of resources on a network.


In cloud architecture, each component works in synergy to create a cloud computing platform that provides users with on-demand access to resources and services. The backend stores all cloud computing resources, services, data storage, and applications. A network is set up and used to connect the frontend and backend components of the cloud architecture, enabling data transmission from one component to another. When users interact with the front end, the network sends a query to the backend using middleware that enables the run of tasks or specific requests.


Cloud Engineering activities in Deda Stealth

Security and customization of infrastructure

We design and deploy secure, reliable, and scalable infrastructures on-premises and in the cloud to host the Stealth platform using the most advanced AI technologies.

We guide and support our customers in customizing their infrastructure, adapting the configurations, and maintaining the governance of the installed systems.

We take care of the security of installations through a Shift Left design and periodic Vulnerability Assessment.

Design Definition and Development

We monitor our infrastructure and the infrastructure of our customers, providing attentive and timely support in the prevention and resolution of problems. We have deep knowledge of processes and engineering development to enhance the reliability of our solutions.

We define and develop CI/CD processes for our internal applications and our customers.

We are a point of reference for the whole company for the implementation of new technologies according to enterprise principles.


Technologies in use:

Deda Stealth & Thoughtworks: harnessing the power of platform thinking

With the aim to revolutionize our technology solutions and turn them into modern cutting-edge products, Deda Stealth partnered with Thoughtworks, a leading global technology consultancy that integrates strategy, design, and software engineering to enable digital transformation.

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