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The fashion supply chain represents the link between the concept of each garment and the end customer. Managing a Fashion Supply Chain means ensuring a responsible and timely organization of the garments and accessories creations, transforming raw materials into finished products and preparing them for final consumption. The entire process involves collecting punctual data at every stage and analyzing it in order to make improvements to ensure efficiency in warehouse operations, minimize errors and delays, and streamline processes for a better customer experience.


Sales & Distribution processes


Following the Product Design process which includes the design of garments or accessories, the materials sourcing, the planning of the manufacturing operations, and the definition of standard costs, the Sales & Distribution phase begins. It includes the collection of customer orders that allows the producer to establish the production needs of the company and raw materials (with the definition of the BOM), the setup of sales forecasts and projections to organize sales planning, the drafting of the standard costs, and the Price Lists.​​


The distribution models covered by the Stealth solutions

  • Production for the warehouse: the model is used above all in companies with a medium-low variance of products and a high number of continuous items. According to this model, you decide which is the minimum stock or you analyze the sales history, and based on this analysis you decide what to produce and generate the final stock.
  • Production on order: after receiving a certain number of orders, the total of the products requested is calculated and put in stock. A few days before the shipping phase, Customer Service will perform an assignment process that will create the link between the stock availability and the customer order. The physical withdrawal of the products from the warehouse, said Picking, will follow.​

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