A B2B collaboration platform for the Fashion Industry


A tool designed to facilitate the communication between suppliers and Fashion buyers and brands


In August Dedagroup Stealth formalized the acquisition of the American startup Bsamply, consolidating the growth strategy of the company and confirming once again the intent to simplify and streamline processes along the entire Fashion Supply Chain with high attention to Sustainability and Traceability.


Who is Bsamply and how does the platform work?


BSAMPLY was founded in 2017 in Los Angeles, with the aim of offering to suppliers of raw materials and Fashion companies a tool to facilitate and automate the dialogue between the various players along the supply chain, supporting brands in the creation of more sustainable business models. The solution represents a true end-to-end hub designed to increase the efficiency of daily work processes such as the creation of virtual showcases, managing orders to suppliers, and monitoring the level of sustainability of raw materials. 

Bsamply was initially designed to be used exclusively as a traditional Marketplace for fashion buyers and raw material suppliers. Today it can be considered in all aspects and purposes a true collaboration tool that allows the users to digitize the workflow from the design phase of each garment to the final order, using a single shared system. Communication and the shared visibility between the buyers' team and the supplier are essential factors to make daily work processes more efficient, keeping all teams connected and updated on the progress of orders in order to respond reactively to the customers' requests.



Bsamply for Suppliers

Suppliers can create their digital showcase on Bsamply, uploading their product catalog to the virtual Showroom, including - if necessary - videos, images, 3D maps, and sustainability certifications. They have the possibility to send order proposals or collaborate on the design of the collections, invite customers and prospects on the platform, and thanks to the Chat and Video calls function, they can get in direct contact with the buyers/brands.
Furthermore, registered suppliers have access to a wide range of data regarding sales or the brand's behavior within a specific catalog, thus collecting useful information to anticipate future strategic choices.


Bsamply for Fashion Buyers and Brands

Buyers and fashion brands can benefit from the functionalities of the Bsamply platform to manage the procurement processes of raw materials and the management of orders to suppliers. Browsing on Bsamply they will have over three thousand products to explore in the various digital catalogs created directly by raw material suppliers and they will be able to view the details of each product and request a sample to be sent with just a few clicks. The Chat and Video Call tool allows buyers to schedule meetings with suppliers, collaborating with them throughout the design process. Moreover, it is possible to enter an order request directly on the platform and track the status of the goods shipment in real-time.



Bsamply for Sustainable Fashion

Communicating in real-time on the platform, without the need to move from one city to another, and the limited quantity of orders, reduce CO2 emissions caused by traditional means of transport; thanks to company and product certifications hosted by the platform, buyers can verify that raw materials reflect specific sustainability standards, encouraging sourcing with low environmental impact.


Bsamply for Circular Fashion

Thanks to the section dedicated to deadstock, remaining stock, and reuse stock, suppliers and brands apply circular economy models, thus reducing waste. When the suppliers upload new products to their catalog, they have the option to choose which product to assign with a sustainability label (by adding a green icon), making it easier for buyers to find the green products on the platform.

External integrations available Bsamply is API-oriented and it's open to integration with external business CRM and ERP, favoring the transparency of data flows. DISCOVER MORE

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