Zedonk: building business opportunities is easier than ever before


The British specialist solution makes technology accessible for emerging brands and guides them to conquer the Global Fashion Market


For a couple of weeks now, Deda Stealth has formalized the major acquisition of the London-based Company Zedonk by F2IT Ltd as part of its internationalization strategy: the focus is on small and emerging fashion brands that had no access to a fully-integrated software solution to manage the brands operations.

Zedonk's addition to Deda Stealth’s offering empowers both digital solutions to grow alongside in a shared market. By joining forces the companies will ensure that the innovative tools will facilitate expansion and rise in particular of young entrepreneurs which are, without doubt, vital to our Fashion industry.
With Zedonk’s ERP technology innovative solutions are made available to start-ups and SMEs wishing to leave a mark and enhance their business strategy on a global scale.

What is Zedonk?

Created in London 13 years ago by the two Co-Founders Marcia Lazar and Richard DaviesZedonk is the result of many years of experience in the Fashion sector. The solution, in fact, is designed to answer the needs of the Fashion Industry and to relieve the pressure and frustration of small and medium-sized companies caused by the lack of affordable integrated ERP systems that could help with their decision making processes and support them in the management of all the business operations.

The name of the company itself is intended to highlight the apparently impossible combination of Fashion and Technology: Zedonk is a hybrid merging  the winning match of style and digital innovation.

Zedonk is the perfect online solution for brands in the early- growth stages of their expansion strategy: thanks to its intuitive design and targeted tools for managing production, stock level inventory, purchase orders, style configuration and much more, the system is the catalyst for the brand's digital transformation journey.


Launching a new business or establishing strategies aimed at making a difference in a field as intricate as Fashion is rather challenging and things get harder as numbers and volumes increase. Developed by industry experts the fashion-specific nature of Zedonk, matches the needs of the Fashion industry providing Customers with a set of user-friendly, reliable tools to manage their entire business with flexibility as they grow.

Designed as a Cloud-based solutionZedonk allows customers to independently monitor and store real-time data online and access it from anywhere in the world. Thanks to its scalability, brands and showrooms can add as many modules as required without worrying when experiencing an increase in volumes and numbers. 
Moreover, the intuitive design and user-friendly technology make Zedonk a very easy-to-use solution, ensuring visibility on processes, on key data and on transparency of the entire business performance.


Why would small brands and designers choose Zedonk?

When brands experience growth and at the same time are dealing with a lot of changes in terms of numbers, volumes and processes to manage they will look into implementing IT solutions. Having a system that can support such transformations is essential to work more efficiently long-term and to free up time to invest elsewhere in the business. 

Zedonk includes a set of features that allow customers to handle everything from raw materials to  creation of price lists,  to management of collections and sales campaigns. Thanks to its modularity, you don't need to worry about the increasing number of Purchase Orders anymore. Adding products to an order is easy and user-friendly with Zedonk. At any time you can consult the order-book, monitor the required quantities to fulfill Sales Orders and keep  the exact quantity of products you have in stock under control.


You can say goodbye to manual tasks that slow down your work, in particular during the Sales campaign. With Zedonk all time-consuming processes are automated: styles and sizes can be easily added to each product and collections and orders can be managed all in one place.  

Thanks to the Advanced Reporting Module, customers have access to resourceful reports on sales performances, filtering the results by style, by material, by date and much more and can also export the data for further in-depth analysis. Being a Cloud-based systemZedonk guarantees transparency in data-sharing in between departments, making the communication and work much more organized and streamlined to ensure time is saved in the long term.



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