Fashinnovation Worldwide Talks | 9th Edition


New York, September 6th


The biggest Fashion and Innovation event in the world


One of the world's most significant Fashion and Innovation events is up to come for the 9th Edition! On September 6th,  the 2023 Fashinnovation Worldwide Talks, organized by Jordana Guimaraes, Co-Founder of Fashinnovation NYC, will take in New York at Lectra's Innovation Center, will open the doors to many international speakers including Fashion and Technology leader experts who will share ideas, visions, and future perspectives about the sector evolution. 

Sustainability, Inclusivity, Diversity, Fashion Tech, Innovation trends, Gamification, and Entrepreneurship are some topics on the stage. 

Silvia Santato, Marketing Manager of Deda Stealth, will join the event as the main speaker of the panel discussion "Fashion is Sustainability via Innovation and Technology". 

The event will be available on streaming on September 14th. 


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