UNECE - SDA Bocconi Event

Accelerating action for the sustainable and circular garment and footwear industry of the future

Milan, September 21-22-23

For a decade now, fashion brands are taking steps to redefine their new priorities, especially concerning Sustainability. In the context of the climate crisis, brands and retailers are expected to rethink and renovate their business models in favor of more sustainable, transparent, and circular supply chains. Sure, because sustainability is not only about choosing organic raw materials, but it's above all about transforming the "take-make-waste" consumption process into a circular model "take-make-reuse". Circularity could be achieved by relying upon five circular business models (Sustainable Input, Products Life Extension, Recycling and Reuse, Product as a Service, Sharing Platforms). It goes without saying that introducing circularity in Fashion processes demands a shift in mindset and - why not? - readiness for new opportunities. 

On these premises, the project "Monitor for Circular Economy" was launched by the Sustainability Lab of SDA Bocconi. It represents the first Monitoring Centre dedicated to circularity in the Italian Fashion sector. It's a one-of-a-kind project designed in cooperation with the Sustainability Agency Eco-Age and Enel X which aims at providing a clear and transparent view on circular economy within the Fashion sector of our country. 


Luca Tonello at the UNECE - SDA Bocconi Event

Candiani DenimDedagroup Stealth, Intesa (IBM Company)Manteco, Radici GroupSave The DuckVibramVitale Barberis CanonicoVivienne Westwood, YKK, are only some of the companies which decided to join the project as front-runners of sustainability and circularity in the Italian Supply Chain of Fashion. The community activities will result in sharing good practices to identify and plan efficient solutions to support the new claims of sustainability and circular Fashion. 
From today and until Thursday, September 23rd, the official conference "Accelerating action for the sustainable and circular garment and footwear industry of the future", organized by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe and the Sustainability Lab of SDA Bocconi, will be held to share with the audience the results collected following research and analysis activities on the macro trends of the Fashion sector.


 In addition, a Report will be presented to give evidence of concrete actions and plans that may be put in practice by companies to promptly respond to the new claims of sustainability and circularity. 
The "Monitor for Circular Fashion" will join in the call to action for circularity at a global level, supporting initiatives like the UNECE Project "Enhancing Transparency and Traceability of Sustainable Value Chains in Garment and Footwear sector" and the "Circular Economy Action Plan" of the European Union

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Silvia Santato at the UNECE - SDA Bocconi Event

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