Getting the Balance Right

Andrea Mené, Managing Director of Zedonk on Retail Today


The significant impact experienced by the Fashion Industry during the Pandemic era is still showing consequences in the present days. During the last three years, the role and meaning of physical stores have evidently changed as well as the importance of digitalization in the purchase processes.
With the increase in online sales, companies implemented omnichannel strategies to keep up with the consumers' new behavior and preferences and ensure them an immersive shopping journey

To keep pace with these impacting changes in strategies and business models, technology is at the forefront to support brands and retailers in the definition of the Retail of the future: from virtual showrooms to virtual try-on or 3D paintings, the industry is committed to providing customized solutions in order to meet the new purchase habits in-store and out-of-store.  


Getting the balance between technology, sales, strategic positioning, data collection, and marketing is imperative to determine the success of Fashion brands' strategies: Andrea Mené, Managing Director of Deda Stealth UK and Zedonk explores the topic on Retail Today, a digital magazine that showcases news, emerging technology, and issues and trends shaping the retail industry.

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