Sergio Rossi chooses Stealth® Retail to manage its points of sale all over the world


The Sergio Rossi shoes resent the icon of Luxury Made in Italy for the Footwear sector. The story of the brand dates to the 70s, when Sergio Rossi follows the path drawn by his father who created tailored shoes for women. The company echoes the value of the Italian handcraftsmanship, at the same time enhancing the role of technology innovation as enabler of cutting-edge business models.

 The leading element of the Sergio Rossi market is doubtless the Factory: the settlement located in San Mauro Pascoli counts 400 employees and each step of the shoe lifecycle is controlled by a dedicated artisan. The company today counts 50 stores, 25 of which in China and the rest in Japan, Hong Kong and Europe.


The project of digitalization


Sergio Rossi has been one of Deda Stealth clients for ten years now, and in 2021 the brand decided to invest in a digitalization project with the purpose of extending the functional coverage of the IT systems currently in use.

The project aims at optimizing the governance of the processes related to the point of sales management: in greater detail, the brand needed to map accurately the stock levels and the warehouse handlings to the stores and to manage easily the complex Wholesale distribution process in APAC. Guided by the drive for internationalization, Sergio Rossi opted for a flexible tool that could guarantee localization all over the world, preserving data integrity and avoiding information redundancy.


To supplement the Stealth® Core module installed in 2011, the company decides to add Stealth® Retail. The internationalization strategy promoted by the brand is well supported by the solution provided in English and Chinese, in addition to Italian. It’s a worldwide project which allows the development of omnichannel strategies, a pivot point for future business activities planned by the brand. Moreover, thanks to the Integration Layer of Stealth® Platform, it has been possible to integrate the systems in use with external ecommerce and marketplace platforms (Farfetch and Giglio for EMEA and Diana for APAC) with the purpose of enhancing the online sales flow, and external Cash flow systems like OracleXStore20.


"For us, it was necessary to convey the brand identity and our values not only through our products but also through the shopping experience in our stores.​ In this, the Stealth® Retail solution satisfied our needs, making the management processes of our stores linear and transparent, both in Italy and abroad, giving the company an increasingly international connotation"

Alessio Gibin, IT Manager of Sergio Rossi

Project results and a look into the future


Since the early stage of the project, the management of store operations is more straightforward and accurate, thanks to the unique view on data deriving from the Retail channel. The single view on data enabled by Stealth® Retail provided an integrated prospect of stocks with an optimization of daily store activities, solving the data redundancy caused by the adoption of different systems. The complexity experienced through the supply chain has been fixed thanks to the flexible and linear architecture of the solution, both from a user point of view and an IT perspective. The reduction of system delays and the normalization of data alignment operations have improved the users’ performance. The localization activities accomplished thanks to the expertise of Deda Stealth professionals, guarantee to the brand full control over the stores around the world, in full compliance with fiscal, normative and civil legislation in force in the target countries.

The brand Sergio Rossi has projects in mind especially concerning the enhancement of omnichannel. The goal would be to merge information deriving from physical and digital channels in a single system. Moreover, the company is planning new physical store openings: since the beginning od the year, Sergio Rossi has inaugurated 6 stores in China where it is planning 15 new openings by the end of 2023, and several stores in Japan and Hong Kong. The support of technology is essential for a company that points at expanding the brand wherever in the world.


Stealth® Retail

The solution that supports companies in their expansion into local and global markets through centralized, real-time control of all information related to sales and distribution processes.


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