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Stella McCartney opts for Deda Stealth to drive business results


The story of Stella McCartney first begins in 2001 from joint venture by Kering and for the last 20 years, the brand has been committed to the ethical and sustainable values that support the company’s strong respect towards people and the environment.
Today, Stella McCartney can be considered one of the most ethical and cruelty-free brands recognized on an international scale.

It is a predominantly Wholesale company, but since 2019 – when Stella entered into a partnership with LVMH to further develop her brand, it’s also invested in Retail strategies (Stella currently counts 50 stores worldwide).

The brand’s commitment to pioneering a concrete strategy to preserve people’s well-being, and to protect the planet, is demonstrated by a series of initiatives dedicated to LGBT+ communities and to women, in addition to the creation of sustainable products with NLG classification (no leather Goods), the use of raw materials with low environmental impact and high level of innovation.

The ambition of the British Maison is clear: to only use recycled and recyclable materials deriving from sustainable sources.

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Stella McCartney & Deda Stealth


In 2018, 17 years after its launch, Stella purchased Kering’s stake in her company and joins the LVMH group with the aim of accelerating its worldwide expansion, while maintaining its commitment to ethics and sustainability. The following years will see Stella McCartney strongly engaged in launching the Retail channel and investing in technology tools to support the company’s global growth strategies. As the collaboration between Stella and LVMH begins, the brand decides to rely on the technology solutions provided by Deda Stealth. Specifically, the architecture and flexibility of Stealth® the Fashion Platform have proven to be suitable to meet the brand’s needs.  

The solution is used to manage all the Warehouse transactions and guarantees punctual control over the stock quantities and a unique view on data and processes. The unified architecture of the Platform has solved the fragmentation of information and today, the company is able to manage the entire product’s lifecycle to all the way back to the back-office Store operations in a single system. 


When our users first experienced the shift from the older ERP to the new stealth, they felt at home. In addition, an important feature of change for us was the ability to use a system where queries are easier to launch and that shows to be highly aligned with the business processes of our Industry."

Luca Malacarne, CIO of Stella McCartney, Stealth Day 2022

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The solutions in use and its benefits


Stella McCartney uses Stealth® the Fashion Platform to manage both the active and passive cycles, and Stealth® Retail to manage the back-office store operations. Since 2020, thanks to an important investment in technology and innovation, the company has embarked on the “Stealth in your Pocket” project, using five mobile Apps to manage all the store operations including the warehouse quantity query, the inventory query, the warehouse movements control, the ASN and the fulfillment of orders deriving from online channels (e-commerce or marketplace).

The structural model of Stealth Platform has widely reduced the replication of data and the redundancy of stock managed through different systems, decreasing exponentially the margins of error and the complexity of system maintenance while meeting the brand’s need to access real-time data and to optimize manual processes. The use of data has been simplified thanks to the intuitive interface of the platform that facilitates the onboarding process and the learning path of the users.
Thanks to the Query&List functionality available on the platform, the users are now able to launch queries autonomously and adequately, taking advantage of the nomenclature and features of the solution that are specific to the fashion sector and suitable for industry operators.

 Last but not least, the use of an ERP that enables the traceability of information concerning the environmental impact of products means strengthening the strategic direction of the company in the long term.


Stealth® The Fashion Platform

The solution that supports companies in their expansion into local and global markets through centralized, real-time control of all information related to sales and distribution processes.


Stealth® Retail App Gallery

A suite of Mobile Apps aimed at simplifying the management of store operations typical of all kinds of Point of Sales


"Stealth il your Pocket": the digitalization of the store experience

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The worldwide project that will lead to the international expansion of Stella McCartney is supported by Deda Stealth’s technological solutions designed and developed for the Retail sector that enable omnichannel business models. In particular, the "Stealth in your Pocket" project with its mobile app solutions has enabled the digitalization of store operations, welcoming Digital Transformation also in terms of physical point of sales.

In 2022, on the occasion of our annual event, Stealth Day, Luca Malacarne, CIO of Stella McCartney, participated in an interview where he explained the main operations managed through the Stealth Retail Mobile App:

S-Receive: to manage the incoming ASN; 
- S-Movement: to keep under control and manage the warehouse transactions
S-Stock Finder: to query the Warehouse Stock level and to search for products using descriptions or barcodes;
S-Inventory: to manage stock inventories efficiently both in store and in the warehouse also in offline mode;
- S-OmniOrder: to fulfill orders deriving from online channels including e-commerce and marketplace.

Since January 2023, Stella McCartney has employed S-Movement to manage about 9300 Warehouse movements (the App is used in 44% of cases) and scanned over 312.000 items with S-Inventory (the App is used in 84% of cases). 


With digitalization across activities in physical stores, the typical complexity of an ERP is simplified in favor of an improved user experience, and an optimization of the store operators’ daily jobs. With real-time information from the ERP at their disposal, users can focus more on the enhancement of the customer experience.
Managing the complexity of a store on IOS platforms was the real challenge for both Deda Stealth and Stella McCartney. The continuous collaboration between the two teams allowed to carefully observe the continuous evolution of the Retail and transform it into fertile ground to implement an innovative digital transformation strategy.

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