Sustainable Apparel Coalition, partner of Deda Stealth since 2020, is now Cascale

As partner since 2020 together we will continue our journey to bring the topic of sustainability right to the center of the agendas of fashion and luxury brands


Since 2020, Deda Stealth embarked on an innovative journey within the Stealth® Platform, introducing tailored modules to address evolving market demands. Among the feedback received, a prominent request was for a solution enabling fashion brands to effectively assess and track their sustainability performance.

To accomplish this, a specialized team within Deda Stealth focused on crafting the Stealth® Sustainability solution. This initiative involved global organizations such as the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC), of which we became a Strategic Member in 2021.

As the market evolves and demands for an ever-increasing level of transparency and sustainability increase, the Sustainable Apparel Coalition underwent a rebranding project, becoming Cascale. Cascale has sharpened its focus to driving pre-competitive collective action for a unified industry transformation. As an independent entity, Cascale brings together brands, retailers, manufacturers, NGOs, academia, and industry associations to combat climate change, ensure decent work for all, and contribute to a nature-positive future.

The partnership between Deda Stealth and Cascale continues to bring the topic of sustainability right to the centre of the agendas of fashion and luxury brands and to pave the way for a brighter, greener future for our planet and its people! 


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