Retail Pro Prism

The Fashion Retail management software
that meets the needs of any retail strategy

Retail Pro Prism

Since 20 years, Dedagroup Stealth is an awarded reseller of Retail Pro based in Italy, though operating around the world.
The best POS solution and Retail Management Software in the world that meets the needs of any Retail strategy, whether it is to optimize processes, or to conduct a global growth strategy. The Retail Pro Prism software for the management of point of sales boasts a vast network of customers and it's in use by over 9000 retailers in 130 countries around the world, serving different market segments thanks to its verticality. With an architecture designed to support retailers in managing the typical processes of Fashion Retail and a user-friendly interface, the Retail Pro Prism POS management platform makes sales management cycles, online and offline, more efficient, promoting productivity growth and the global expansion of brands.
The native APIs of Retail Pro Prism allow the user to customize the interface and integrate the platform with the applications already existing in the company.
The long-term expertise and know-how of Dedagroup Stealth guarantee seamless integration with any best-in-class software on the market.



  • POS AND CHECKOUT: Retail Pro Prism is a complete POS management system that gives the users the possibility to create more or less complex workflows based on the store's standard sales processes and customer habits. Thanks to its flexibility, Retail Pro Prism supports the user in the management of the interaction process between the retailer and the consumer, from sales to returns, from special orders to promotions;
  • CUSTOMER ORDERS: from the same platform used to manage sales transactions, it is possible to manage customer orders quickly and easily. This functionality of Retail Pro Prism hosts all payment methods, with the possibility to indicate the price range to be requested when creating the order; customers, therefore, will have a list of gifts available in different stores and their sales transactions can become special orders managed directly by the Retailers.
  • CUSTOMER MANAGEMENT: by collecting information on customers, including purchasing habits, the Retail solution supports you in the planning of tailored promotions, encouraging customer loyalty and ensuring maximum data protection;
  • INVENTORIES AND STOCKS: using the identification codes of the products, the software solution Retail Pro Prism allows you to quickly access information on the transactions carried out, validate prices, or check the availability of stock in the warehouse;
  • CONTINUOUS SERVICE: even in the event of network and connection problems, Retail Pro Prism guarantees system operation and continuity of service. This is possible thanks to the use of a local database that allows you to always have up-to-date data both on the tills and on the server, all in favor of the independent management of the points of sale by the Retailers.


Enhanced Customer Experience

Thanks to the ability to access information on customer buying habits, history, and all data relating to single stores, the user can the POS software solution Retail Pro Prism to plan customized sales experiences and thus support the customer loyalty

Simple and more productive operational processes

With the Retail Pro Prism APIs, the users can customize the interface and integrate the system with applications already in use. The high level of customization of the Retail Pro platform allows the retailers to organize the workflows in relation to the company business model, with the ability to control the employee productivity

Flexible Design

Thanks to its architecture, Retail Pro Prism allows the user to independently and easily manage the opening of new stores around the world, increasing the number of points of sales to be managed. The POS software solution responds to localization and internationalization needs to share data and information consistent with the systems of the target country.

Multilanguage Solution

Retail Pro Prism is available in several languages, supporting retailers in over 95 countries thanks to the Business Partners and careful work in terms of Localization

Seamless Integration Stealth® Retail together with Retail Pro Prism to manage all the typical Fashion Retail processes from the store opening and the back office management to the POS implementation. Two top market leader products to give the customer a complete Retail management system.


Retail Pro Business Development Partners

Retail Pro Business Development Partners

Retail Pro, the internationally localized retail management software, is implemented and supported by a network of international business partners serving more than 53,000 retail stores in more than 100 countries in the world. They all provide local, accessible and professional support whether the activity is carried out in a single region or it is growing worldwide. Dedagroup Stealth, leader in the IT sector in Italy, supports Retail Pro customers in Italy and everywhere in the world, meeting the technological and strategic needs of Retailers and offering them a series of specialized products that meet the different requirements of the sector.


Dedagroup Stealth top Reseller of Retail Pro

The complete solution for Fashion Retail

The long collaboration between Dedagroup Stealth and Retail Pro, the management platform and best POS solution with a high level of flexibility and functionality that is once again confirmed as the leading software in the field of Retail Management, continues, contributing to the innovation of the Retail solutions that accompany the retailers in business operations, supporting them in defining strategies, without ever disappointing the consumer. For several consecutive years, Dedagroup Stealth has won the Retail Pro Global Council's "Sales Performance Europe of the Year" and the "Best Business Partner Award".