The Supply Chain Collaboration Platform


S-Connect is the collaboration platform designed to enable real-time interaction and dialogue between raw material suppliers and producers, and Fashion brands. The solution allows all the key players in the supply chain to efficiently advance procurement processes, production planning, and tracking, facilitating the exchange of data and information related to orders and their progress status.

Key advantages of S-Connect

S-Connect is a collaboration platform that enables interaction with suppliers, allowing brands to independently conduct production tracking and planning processes. The solution represents a tool that truly allows fashion brands to communicate and collaborate with the various actors in the supply chain in a single environment that guarantees simplified work processes for greater operational efficiency. Additionally, S-Connect increases the transparency and traceability of the supply chain, thanks to the possibility to download and consolidate data and sustainability certifications.

Empowering Experience Modern technology stack, cloud & multi-tenant Architecture.
S-Connect is designed to give users high control over their actions and decisions, making them more confident and goal-oriented.

The main functionalities and properties of S-Connect


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