Fendi and Stealth®: flexibility and governance to revolutionize the Retail


The urge to gain a foothold in the world and to combine excellence and talent: over the course of its growth path, Fendi has always been intrigued by the advancing of innovation. No wonder if its iconic fur coat has been subject to a revolutionary commercialization and in 1965 the newcomer Karl Lagerfeld took charge of the design process of the accessories line. 

The goal is to look at the extra-ordinary. A relevant step forward which still characterizes Fendi’s unique style and encourages the realization of the revolutionary project involving the Retail: combining the Made to Order – the exclusive co-creation servicebetween customers and designers – with an extensive Retail network covering 250 stores around the world.


A global Maison with a transnational Supply Chain


Over the last years, Fendi has been carrying forward a revision project involving the processes and the systems in the aim of standardizing the dialogue procedures between the operators of an extended, transnational Supply Chain. With such an extended Supply Chain, it is essential to optimize the management process of each single hub. At the root of this “Revolution” there is the set of Fendi’s core processes and systems: production, distribution and logistics. The second goal concerns the extension of the standardization elements to the Group Retail systems, through which the Maison manages more than 250 stores in over 30 countries around the world.

In doing so, Fendi aims at setting up a business management mode seeking a single purpose: putting its excellence at the disposal of the customers within the shortest possible time by overcoming the distinction between offline and onlinemodes.


Besides the employed sales channel, the standardization of the processes and the systems represents the key to success: to manage optimally the huge amount of transnational activities, Fendi must be able to adapt to any sales channel, proving its flexibility while maintaining a distinct, solid governance which corroborates its power and spreads throughout the countries. This synergy is fundamental for the Maison, whose leading element is Deda Stealth.

“Flexibility is a standardized process that allows us to find alternative solutions for specific cases.”

Frederic Munoz,COO Worldwide Fendi

R(evolution): the omnichannel realized, worldwide


The R(evolution) project gets to the heart of the execution in February 2019 with the roll out of the entire Retail Area. At this stage, the role of Deda Stealth includes Back office activities for the Retail management and the adaptation of the shipping methods and the intercompany relations between Fendi and all its subsidiaries around the world. It is a significant operation through which Deda Stealth supports Fendi in the ambitious standardization program involving all the IT systems employed in the brand’s business management: from the production process to the Retail without interruptions. The implementationof Stealth® Retail and the integration with Stealth® Orchestrator add an extra value:they guarantee not only the uniqueness of the back-end Retail management, but also the unique integration of the e-commerce, the shipping procedures and the goods allocations at a global level, along with the optimization of the costs and the supply and delivery time.


Through this model, Fendi can manage several contingencies along the supply chain with flexibility and governance. Flexibility is strengthened by governance itself and features Stealth® as leading element: it associates the Retail to the “outer” methods which Fendi employs to innovate the relationship with its customers, as it happens with the Made to Order. In an integrated way, Stealth® manages this specific sales process based on the creative cooperation between the customers and the designer. When customers come to the point of sale, they are completely assisted in the creative process: they choose the materials and the details of the item to be tailored. This information is shared with the Production Unit and the entire flow is managed through/ within the Stealth® platform.

Stealth® Retail

The solution that supports companies in their expansion into local and global markets through centralized, real-time control of all information related to sales and distribution processes.

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Stealth® Orchestrator

Stealth Orchestrator allows Fashion brands to collect and direct data flows coming from both flagship eCommerce and marketplaces. By leveraging on Stealth’s global inventory – and its capability to filter assortment data – Stealth Orchestrator offers a deep view across multiple channels, helping Fashion and Retail companies to align orders’ collection and processing with items’ availability.

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