Save The Duck & Stealth®: technology solutions in support of Sustainability


The brand Save the Duck comes from the idea of Nicolas Bargi who in 2012 decided to create a unique product, animal-friendly, environment-friendly, and peoplefriendly. He will discover later that he would achieve the goal with strong determination and proficiency. In 2014, two years after appearing on the market, the brand makes two claims to its suppliers: complying with the Social Compliancy Criteria of Amfofi BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative, that will sign a partnership with Save The Duck in 2017) and providing the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® for Raw Materials.

The commitment of the brand to more sustainable and planet-friendly choices translates into concrete actions within only five years: Save The Duck decides to employ only Bluesign® certified Row Materials and GRS certified recycled materials for garments, ensuring also the adoption of specific chemical-mechanical parameters as proof of total lack of dangerous chemicals.


In 2018, Progressio SGR acquires Save The Duck. Nicolas Bargi maintains his role as CEO and in the same year the brand crowns the dream of the vegan climber Kuntal A. Joisher creating an animal-free suit to reach the top of Monte Lhotse, the 4th highest mountaintop of the world. A year later, Save The Duck conquers the Mount Everest, becoming the first animal-free brand of the world in the story of mountaineering. Never had a goose-downpadding- free outerwear reached such high peaks before!

Save The Duck opts for the NETY, realized in ECONYL® recycled 100% nylon, which is a fiber obtained by remanufactured fishing nets recovered from seas and oceans and by pre-consumer and post-consumer nylon recycling. Speaking of oceans, last year Save The Duck released the “OCEAN IS MY HOME” Collection, donating the Sales revenues to Surfrider Foundation Europe: this will contribute to the cleaning of 300.000 sqm of beaches and seas from 6.000 kg of waste. Being the first Italian company to obtain the B-CORP Certification (Benefit Corporation), Save The Duck confirms its precious commitment to our planet, putting on the same level economic-financial goals and socialenvironmental purposes. The achievements of the brands and the constant respect showed towards Sustainability as key enabler of change, demonstrate that also in such a complex sector as Fashion things can change. Everybody can contribute to the safeguard of nature, starting from the clothes we choose to wear.


The technological upgrade Project: the partnership between Deda Stealth and Save The Duck


The collaboration between Deda Stealth and Save The Duck started in 2019. Save The Duck decided to launch a technological upgrade project. The brand addressed the request to GUS, Value Added Partner of Deda Stealth. Once the dimension and the specific needs of the company had been identified, the most suitable solution happened to be Stealth® GO! The preconfigured structure of the platform reduces the project development times and the GoLive starts in 2020. 

A fundamental element of the competitive advantage offered by Deda Stealth is the long-term expertise in the Fashion sector and the deep knowledge of processes. For Save The Duck, Deda Stealth had to run an accurate analysis of processes accompanied by an evaluation of all the software in use to establish those to maintain. 


Stealth® GO! inherits from Stealth® The Fashion Platform the capability to integrate with the best-in-class software currently on the market, and this aspect was carefully taken into consideration to guarantee the best possible coordination of company data and a unique view on ongoing processes. Relying on an Agile approach for the project development, both the passive and active cycles (manufacturing, sales and distribution) could be implemented. The Stealth® GO! solution is available in cloud IAAS mode.

"With Stealth we have access to a scalable reality, and as the business progresses we have the chance to rely on an adaptable solution that responds to the company's growth needs".

Nicolas Bargi, CEO of Save The Duck.


What’s next? The USA


Save The Duck pursues ambitious projects and the success obtained until today is a proof that the company business model and the actions carried oud since 2012 are going in the right direction. The next step is to set foot in the USA. Stealth® GO! will run again what has already been done for the Italian market, adding Stealth® Orchestrator for the management of omnichannel strategies.

What must be kept in mind when considering the American market is: the integration with the EDI protocol which eases the communication between the America Department Stores and an appropriate Localization process which must guarantee coherence in the treatment of administrative, legal and local standards (currency, unit of measures, accounting norms, etc.). Ultimately, the project must be well-finished with an appropriate process of order sorting and logistics in conformity with the American market.

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Stealth® GO!

Stealth GO! is the vertical ERP Software Solution based on Stealth® - The Fashion Platform, designed for small and medium-sized enterprises, suitable for specific sectors such as Clothing, Shoes and Leather, Luxury and Accessories, Underwear.

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