BMB Manifattura Borse chooses Stealth® GO! to satisfy the requirements of the Fashion Luxury sector


Over 50 years of history widespread in the industrial district of Scandicci have made BMB Manifattura Borse an Italian excellence in the manufacturing of Leather goods and a leader-in-the-sector supplier for several international luxury brands which saw in the craftsmanship of the Tuscan company a real guarantee of quality and solid knowledge of the manufacturing sector. Founded in the ‘60 by Gianfranco Lotti, the company has always stood out in the craft field, though it went through several transformations, at both product and management level during the years. BMB was established as registered company in the ‘80 and two years later it launched the manufacturing of small leather goods for international Fashion&Luxury brands, such as the famous customer Chanel. As the activity of the company increased, the direction launched new manufacturing sites until 2013 when BMB was acquired by a German investment fund which made in plan the development of an owned brand, in addition to the third party activities for already-famous brands.


When in 2017 the Fund decided to change itsmanagement line, the Tuscany company was acquired by CASE HISTORY The Customer the initial managers through an MBO operation. From this moment the development of the BMB brand is set aside and the company focuses on the manufacturing activities as third party for the Fashion&Luxury sector, extending its customer portfolio to international brands and then becoming a multi-brand B2B platform. The BMB manufacturing activity is always supplemented by strong values of collaboration, innovation, and quality.

Moreover, beside the deep passion for craftmanship, the company is committed to ethical and social goals: being a labor-intensive work, it is essential to guarantee transparent products and operation cycles. Indeed, the Tuscan company prefers shorter and certified subcontracting and it is currently working on a shared network of business responsibilities in line with precise Corporate Social Responsibility goals.


The Stealth® GO! project


To make the work and expertise of BMB manufacturers more efficient, it was necessary to complement the artisan activities with technology solutions which could guarantee total view on the manufacturing processes and give the customers a full visibility on the entire value chain from the model design to the product launch on the market. The company starts a scouting process to identify the appropriate solution to manage complex database typical of the leather goods. After a deep thinking, BMB chooses Stealth®: to be effective, any technology solution must be employed at its full capacity. A vertical product as the Stealth® ERP gives access to a complex data structure which goes from BOM definition, to operations and quality check. The Stealth® advanced features and functionalities allow the users to overcome the high replicability percentage typical of Fashion data.


Following a deep analysis of BMB activities, Dedagroup Stealth finds in Stealth® GO! the most suitable solution for meeting the Customer’s goals. The pre-configured platform is based on an Agile methodology which is the best solution for a company switching from an artisan to an industrial approach. The benefits of a vertical solution like Stealth® GO! are multiple: easy process updates, punctual control over each single step of the supply chain, products high-quality guaranteed, precise management of back-to-back information, prompt and reliable deliveries to each customer. Stealth® GO! guarantees a direct control and a unique view on data, supporting BMB in the definition of a certified Supply Chain, providing their customers with high-quality articles, fully compliant with the transparency, traceability and sustainability goals of the company.

"For us, sustainability means to guarantee traceability but also ethical correspondence and legislative compliance on the processes involved in our work activities. To ensure traceability both in terms of corporate and manufacturing processes, the support of an advanced product such as Stealth® gives its important contribution".
Stefano Zecchi,CFO of BMB Manifattura Borse,Stealth Day 2020


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Stealth® GO!

Stealth GO! is the vertical ERP Software Solution based on Stealth® - The Fashion Platform, designed for small and medium-sized enterprises, suitable for specific sectors such as Clothing, Shoes and Leather, Luxury and Accessories, Underwear.

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