Planning the Supply Chain to meet the challenges of the Global Market.

Deda Stealth and ORS joining the first Supply Chain Planning Observatory organized by the Politecnico di Milano


The first Supply Chain Planning Observatory has been launched by the Politecnico di Milano with the specific purpose of conducting in-depth analysis and research aimed at providing Italian companies with a detailed understanding of the challenges and opportunities related to advanced supply chain planning. 

The main goal is to provide information and training to companies, both in the manufacturing and service sectors, on the 'state of the art' of Supply Chain planning. The focus of the observatory will be on three main dimensions: Technology and Data, Processes and PracticesOrganisation and Skills.


Four strategic directions will guide the initiative:

- Develop analysis and research that will help Italian companies understand the challenges and opportunities of advanced supply chain planning;

- Create opportunities for demand and supply actors to meet and exchange views in a competitive environment, promoting better collaboration;

- Become a reference point for companies that want to stay up-to-date on these issues and learn about market developments;

- Create culture and spread knowledge about supply chain planning among public and private organizations that need to manage it.

Deda Stealth, in partnership with ORS Group, which specializes in AI-based technology solutions, will actively collaborate in the work of the monitor, to share its progress and findings related to the main needs of the fashion & luxury market. During the year, there will be several update workshops organized among the companies and organizations supporting the initiative, which will be an opportunity for discussion, engagement and sharing of different experiences.

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