Procurement & Production

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The fashion supply chain represents the link between the concept of each garment and the end customer. Managing a Fashion Supply Chain means ensuring a responsible and timely organization of the garments and accessories creations, transforming raw materials into finished products and preparing them for final consumption. The entire process involves collecting punctual data at every stage and analyzing it in order to make improvements to ensure efficiency in warehouse operations, minimize errors and delays, and streamline processes for a better customer experience.


Procurement & Production processes


Once the raw materials purchase orders are sent to the suppliers, the reception of the ordered goods (product or materials) follows. During this phase, it is necessary to check the received invoice, the arrivals to the warehouse of the materials and products, and to manage eventual requests for return in case of defective goods. 
The production phase begins. This phase includes several processes: the management of the operations price lists, the launch of production orders that include additional activities (verification of the order feasibility, the orders opening, and the allocation of stocks and operations), the materials picking, the operation's progress, and the payment of finished or semi-finished products;


The demand-production models managed in Stealth®


1. Make-to-stock: the issue of orders is based on the calculation of the needs - MRP or MPS - of the finished product;

2. Make-to-order: the orders are generated according to the customer order assignments.

The management of orders is allowed regardless of their origin. The opening of the production orders is a necessary phase in order to start the following steps: assignments, withdrawals, production progress, and payments.


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